Ten Things Developers Should Learn about Learning

Dec 20, 2023

Fresh from the minds at: ACM (Association for Computing Machinery.)

Feeling discouraged is normal, but it does not mean that you will always feel discouraged. If you feel like quitting, take a break, take a walk, consider your strategies, and then try again.

  1. Human Memory Is Not Made of Bits
  2. Human Memory Is Composed of One Limited and One Unlimited System
  3. Experts Recognize, Beginners Reason
  4. Understanding a Concept Goes from Abstract to Concrete and Back
  5. Spacing and Repetition Matter
  6. The Internet Has Not Made Learning Obsolete
  7. Problem-Solving Is Not a Generic Skill
  8. Expertise Can Be Problematic in Some Situations
  9. The Predictors of Programming Ability Are Unclear
  10. Your Mindset Matters