July 2022

Jul 01, 2022


You don’t need Passenger to deploy Ruby applications

<VirtualHost *:3008>
  DocumentRoot MY_RAILS_ROOT/public
  ProxyPass /favicon.ico !
  ProxyPass /robots.txt !
  ProxyPassMatch ^/(404|422|500).html$ !
  ProxyPass /assets/ !

  ProxyPass / # Puma bind address
  ProxyPassReverse /

Dangerous way to alter PostgreSQL column size: modify pg_attribute table.

UPDATE pg_attribute SET atttypmod = 20+4
WHERE attrelid IN ('foo'::regclass, 'voo'::regclass)
AND attname = 'names';

PostgreSQL View Fun

SELECT schemaname, viewname 
FROM pg_catalog.pg_views
WHERE schemaname NOT IN ('pg_catalog', 'information_schema')
ORDER BY schemaname, viewname;