JoeCode: Code with distinct characteristics traceable to its author.

/joh’ kohd’/ /n./ 1. Code that is overly tense and unmaintainable. Perl may be a handy program, but if you look at the source, it's complete joe code. 2. Badly written, possibly buggy code. 3. Code with distinct characteristics traceable to its author.

I am Joe Wilson a full time web developer and technology professional. I build responsive, engaging, and social websites using valid XHTML and CSS. I deliver and implement websites using proven open source content management systems: WordPress, Radiant, Textpattern, Drupal, and Magento to name a few. I prefer building with Jekyll, but I've built web applications using Adobe Experience Manager, Code Igniter, CQ5, Ruby on Rails, Perl/Mason, ASP.Net, and JSP.

You can explore my exceptionally average domestic life as father, outdoorsman, and amateur photographer on instagram or you can find out more about what is wrong with me at facebook.

Availability: [LIMITED]

I'm currently employed fulltime at Verus as the Director of IT and Development building web based risk, performance, and financial analysis dashboards using Ruby, Sinatra, Rake, Jekyll, Liquid, SOAP/XML, and PostgreSQL.

Occasionally I take on a consulting project for fun and profit. You can kickstart the process by hitting my cell ((208) 651-3125) or sending an email (

If you have an idea for a unique web application I can build it using Ruby/Sinatra. If you need a website, I'll get you setup on Jekyll. If you force my hand I'll setup WordPress for you.

My consulting rate is $120/hour. More than a mechanic, less than a plumber. Let's chat, chances are I've already solved the problem you're facing.


I've worked directly for REI, Aim Consulting, Ascentium, Magnuson Hotels, Neokinetics, Tahoma Capital, Agent Science Technologies,, and

I've consulted/contracted with Microsoft,T-Mobile, Precor, Range NW, Redpine Services, and EBay.

You can learn more about my work experience by visiting my LinkedIn profile.


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